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Who's It For?

The simple answer? Anybody and everybody! We cater to all ages and skill levels.

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Why Choose Us?

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While anyone can guarantee you an unforgettable day on the water, our goal is to elevate you to a level of skill you didn't know was possible! We focus on helping our guests progress with confidence, whether it’s getting up for the first time or dialing in a new trick. Our crew of professional instructors has your back!


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Ryan Deese has been competing as a professional wake surfer for 6 years and is currently ranked #4 in the world in the skim division. 

Emma Galusha has been wake surfing for 11 years and competing for 2 years. This season she will compete as a pro wake surfer.

Ryan and Emma are always pushing the limits of their riding and are passionate about sharing their knowledge, skills, and love for the sport with others.

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